About Me

Hi, I'm Jacki.

I'm obsessed with Diet Coke, TJMaxx, Dancing with the Stars, and Taylor Swift.

(I know, i'm basic)  

But I'm even more obsessed with photography and video. 

I LOVE using my lens to capture emotion.  REAL emotion! When a photo or video that I created makes someone laugh or cry (or both), it seriously makes me SO. DANG. HAPPY. 

I absolutely love being a momma to my two little kiddos (Andi Michelle & Kimball Kade)

 and a wifey to my amazingly supportive hubby, Kade.  

I can't wait to get to know YOU better! Seriously, one of my absolute favorite parts of what I do is the awesome people I get to meet and become friends with along the way! 

So lets hang out...

and take some freakin cute pics while we're at it! (insert winking kissy face emoji here)

Contact Me

Jacki Sarah Erickson

Clearfield, Utah


Tel: 435-770-8842

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