Photography & Videography Pricing

All photography packages include printing rights.  Your images will be delivered to you in an online gallery where you can download the files to your computer and/or phone.  An extra $15 will be charged for delivery of photos on a physical disk or drive.  Photo editing includes basic edits, such as color correction and blemish removal.  In-depth edits, such as face-swapping or object removal, are not included.

Videography packages include music rights and will be delivered on a flash drive, as well as a Vimeo link for easy sharing.    

A travel fee of 50 Cents per mile will be charged for all sessions outside of Cache Valley.

Ohhh.... family pictures.  Mom stresses, dad dreads, and the kiddos don't know what the heck is going on. Guess what, it doesn't have to be this way! With a relaxed, fun, and goofy vibe, your family photo session with me will not only result in great images, but it will actually be a fun experience too!  Your hubby will walk away saying "Hey, that wasn't so bad!"  Of course, we'll get those shots of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, cuz ya gotta have em, but mostly we're just gonna play, hang out, and capture those genuinesmiles and goofy candid moments that showcase your relationships and personalities perfectly.  

  • 1 hour session, 50-70 images - $350

  • Extended families add $10/person after 6 people

Family Portraits

Birth Stories

Birth Stories are my favorite thing in the world! Capturing those first few moments of your baby's life.... just priceless.  My favorite thing about photography and videography is capturing emotion, and birth stories are the most emotional thing I capture!  I truly feel so honored when people invite me to document this extremely special experience!  I pretty much always cry at some point during the process...whether its right when the baby comes out or when I first look at the images on my computer, or that moment when I find the perfect song for the video! I'm like a fly on the wall when i'm there in the delivery room with you, so just ignore me and enjoy your special amazing day without worrying about documentation.  That's what i'm there for!  

  • Birth Story Video: $800

    • Coverage of labor & delivery from 6cm to on hour after birth

    • Length of video depends on the length of the labor, how long I am there filming, length of song, etc., but my birth story videos are usually about 2-4 minutes.  

    • At least 40 high resolution professionally edited images with printing rights are also included.  

  • Birth Story Photography: $500

    • Coverage of labor & delivery from 6cm to one hour after birth.  ​

    • 70-90 high resolution professionally edited images


Fresh Forty Eight

What is better than snuggling a newborn baby fresh from heaven? NOTHING.  I know that when I had my babies, the time in the hospital after delivery was so incredibly special, even sacred.  That's why I think these fresh 48 sessions are so amazing and so important.  Does baby have older siblings coming to meet him/her for the first time?  That moment is PRICELESS, and one you'll want to remember forever!  And lets be honest, you might be high on pain killers so you might not remember all of these precious moments!   That's why I'd love to be there to document them with beautiful photos and/or video that will surely make you cry! (happy tears of course!)

  • Fresh 48 Video: $550

    • 1.5 hour session

    • 2-3 minute video professionally and beautifully edited to licensed music

    • 30-40 professionally edited images with printing rights

  • Fresh 48 Photography: $400

    • 1 hour session​

    • 50-70 professionally edited images with printing rights

These sessions are SO fun because we get to focus on YOU and only you!  I'm not trying to brag but... I'm pretty good at making these sessions fun.  With a laid back vibe and a variety of natural and comfortable posing,  I'm gonna get the real you to come out so your photos will show your personality and genuine smile.  Don't be scared.  It's gonna be a party.

  • Senior portraits: 1-hour session, 50-70 images - $250

  • 1 year portraits: 1.5-hour session, 40-50 images - $250

  • Newborn photos: 2-hour session, 30-40 images - $250  (Contact me for newborn/family photo packages)

Individual Portraits

Couple Portraits

I love capturing love! I wanna know whats unique about your relationship and your chemistry and I want to capture that! Again...don't mean to brag but I make these photo sessions fun! With a laid back vibe and a variety of natural and comfortable posing,  I'm gonna get you two feeling and looking comfortable in front of the camera real quick.  You might even forget i'm there! You just be yourselves and don't worry about me, i'll just be busy capturing your genuine smiles, flirtation, laughter, personality, and LOVE.  Gosh, just talking about it makes me giddy! I seriously love these sessions!​

  • 1-hour session, 50-70 images - $275


Isn't it so fun to look back on different stages (or "chapters" if you will) of your life?! What if you could have a beautiful, professional video or gorgeous photos that really captured the feel and emotion of this chapter of your daily life? Wouldn't that be so fun to see in 5,10,20 years from now?!  Lets hang out in your home and capture the cute little faces that your baby pulls, the precious interactions between father and son, the total mess that your bathroom is after bath time, the blanket forts your kids make on the weekends, the bear hugs mom gets when she gets home from work....  Lets capture the essence of this chapter of your life!

  • Lifestyle Portrait session: $350

    • 1-hour session

    • 30-40 images​

  • Lifestyle Video: $450

    • 1-2 hour session

    • 2-3 minute professionally edited video with licenses music

    • Professional audio (such as an interview) is an additional $100

Sibling Portraits

You of anyone know how fast your kiddos grow and change!! And sometimes you just want photos of them in each stage of life, without having to actually BE in the photos yourself.  I get it!  These sessions are perfect for that! It's all about your kiddos, their little relationships as siblings, their funny little faces they pull, and all that fun, adorable stuff they do that we just LOVE as parents!!  

  • 1-hour session, 40-50 images - $275

  • Add $10/person after 4 people