Hi there! Thank you so much for your interest in my photography / videography! I’m so excited for the opportunity to share this special evening with you! Here are some items of business I like to go over with my seniors before we book and/or shoot: 

  • In order to get cute candid pictures and genuine smiles, I really try to make it a light-hearted, relaxed, and fun experience for every one.  At times throughout the shoot, I’ll be taking pictures when you don’t expect it, you can just ignore me:) The candid shots are the best, so just be your cute self! 

  • You are welcome to bring props! Sometimes having something to hold gives you something to do with your hands, making you feel less awkward.  Some ideas are a graduation hat, letterman jacket, instrument you play, favorite books, sports balls, etc. But if you don’t have any props to bring, that is totally fine too, I have plenty of poses up my sleeve.  But I might make you dance.

  • Please be open to different locations. I choose locations according to a simple/non-distracting background and lighting.

  • Speaking of lighting, we’ll want to start shooting about an hour or two before sunset for best lighting. This is the only time of day I will shoot. Trust me, this is the only time you’ll want to shoot, because it’s also the most flattering lighting.  

  • You will receive your pictures in a gallery through email. You’ll be able to download to your computer and phone all the high-resolution images from the gallery. If you want your pictures on a disc, there will be a charge of $5 per disc, $10 per mailed disc.


  • Payment is due at the time of the session. Electronic payment (Venmo or Paypal) is preferred, but I also take cash or check. For families outside of Davis County, there is a travel fee of 30 cents per mile. 
Please allow a couple of weeks or so for editing. I really try to get them done as soon as possible, but sometimes life is just crazy. Especially during wedding season and Christmas card season! 

  • Please give credit where credit is due.  Tag @chaptersbyjacki when posting any photos or videos from the session. Please do not use filters when posting my photos or videos.  Also do not do additional editing to my photos or videos and then post them, as this is copyright infringement. 

  • WHAT TO WEAR! Here are some tips for choosing outfits:

    • Confidence looks great in photos. Wear clothes that you LOVE so you can feel confident and LOOK confident, happy and beautiful! 

    • Bring options.  We may only have time to shoot one or two outfits, but why not bring multiple options so we can choose colors and styles based on our surroundings and backdrops at the shoot?!  I can help you decide by letting you know what looks best on camera! 

    • Accessorize! A fun hat or some jewelry can give a photo the extra pop of interest it needs! Be bold. Sometimes, things that might look a little ridiculous in real life look fabulous in pictures. Example: flower crown :) 

    • Adding texture is great too.  Some ideas: Fur vest, floral headband, lace top, flowy toole skirt, or all of the above!  :) 

    • I LOVE a flowy skirt or dress, but one that is tapered at the waste is even better, because it flatters your figure.  

    • I’m all about baggy dresses and sweaters, but sometimes they can actually make you look bigger, especially in photos.  Choose slim(ish) fitting clothes.  If there is an area of your body that you don't want showcased, ruffles, draping, and layers can work wonders in hiding those darn lumps and bumps.  

    • Dark colors also help to flatter a figure.  Avoid horizontal stripes.  Choose solid colors or consistent patters, avoiding logos or words across your chest or back.  

    • If you are unsure of a clothing choice, either bring it or text me a picture of it and I'll be happy to give you my professional opinion. 

  • Because photos are 2-dimensional, your makeup will look different on camera. I would highly recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done for your photo session.  If that is not an option for you,  here are a few tips for applying makeup for photos:

    • Wear matte makeup; nothing that shines or shimmers (except for lip gloss).  Use tissue or facial blotting paper to eliminate shine, and dust a little powder on that nose!  

    • Wear your eye shadow and mascara slightly darker and more dramatic than normal, to make your eyes pop! But go lightly on the eye-liner, as heavy eye-liner can make your eyes look smaller in photos. 

    • Wear your lipstick a few shades darker than your skin.  Without that pop of color, your lips tend to blend right into your face in photos.

    • Fake lashes - they may not be something you would normally wear, but they can completely transform your eyes in photos.  

    • Don't be afraid to apply your blush and bronzer a little heavier than normal.  It will accentuate those cheek bones and give you a healthy glow.  

    • Concealer and foundation is also important for a flawless look.  Apply it generously.  It won't show up on camera, but will help even out your skin tone.         (Source: Listotic.com)​​

    • Add a little more body to your hair than you normally would, as this will flatter your face.  

Feel free to call/text with questions! 435-770-8842

I am SO excited to shoot with you! THANKS, Jacki.